Construction Services

Building & Construction

Skybold provides excellent services in the general construction industry throughout the Kenya. We use creative and innovative approaches for every project we execute.

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Road & Water Works

Our civil engineering services cover road and water works extensively. We have a handsome portfolio in road construction, bridge construction, water pipelines, water supplies, trunk sewer systems, seawalls, and dams across Kenya. Our skillful team combined with our state of art equipment ensure that we deliver projects with ease.

Our Construction Management Team, offers commitment at all level of construction projects, from all logistics to management services. Over many years, we have successfully met our client’s demand on cost effective and responsive services.

Building Works

Skybold has successfully performed on a variety of commercial projects, specializing in private and parastatal sector of the commercial and institutional construction field. We have built hotels, terminals and hangar facilities, communication towers, shopping centres and mixed use commercial and residential towers and have a tried and tested record for quality, customer service and reliability in all of our projects.

Skybold performs on new construction, renovation and alteration/addition projects, which, with our past experiences, allow us to manage the projects under a variety of conditions and to an excellent standard.
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Mechanical Works

Skybold has provided excellent service in the general construction industry throughout the Kenya. We use creative and innovative solutions for every project; consider it as a challenge and offering everything in construction services. Our approach starts with highly trained project management, detailed construction documentation and cost verification.

This streamlines the entire design-build process and ensures a professionally constructed project with a realistic completion schedule. We don’t just build projects, we develop long standing relationships.

Electrical Works & Instrumentation

Skybold provides a comprehensive range of electrical and instrumentation services to the construction industry.

Our E&I engineering team have the expertise, resource and technical knowledge to deliver project to the highest standard from initial concept through design, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance
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